Paige Wiscomb

Paige is a driven and passionate leader that strives for growth within her community. Paige is head of Idaho Connect Events & Marketing Specialist. One of Paige’s greatest achievements thus far, was her role as Business Manager of Women Ignite, Paige developed and scaled Women Ignite into an international organization that helps women and men crush their obstacles and seize life’s amazing opportunities. Paige’s entrepreneurial journey consists of consulting many businesses and entrepreneurs on systems, platforms, and procedures for scaling and growth along with creating outward growth. She has a passion for diversity, world travel, health & wellness, and creating a legacy of value and significance everywhere she goes, both personally and professionally. Paige serves on the board for The Culture for Change Foundation. Paige’s dream is to bridge culture gaps & help create a world where we see people from the inside out. Paige resides in Nampa, Idaho, with her dog Emerson.

Jonelle Yearout
Author: Jonelle Yearout