Asset Building Support Services

Nimiipuu Fund offers native focused training and counseling to build the financial capacity of the Nez Perce people while providing support toward their financial goals. Our goal is to create informed borrowers and consumers while our services emphasize debt reduction.

Financial Education

We use proven financial education programs that serve Native American communities throughout the United States. This customized training fits our community needs by helping clients better understand their financial options for overall financial well-being. We offer a variety of tools such as classes, workshops and one-on-one coaching.

Youth Financial Activities and Coaching

Nimiipuu Fund believes that our coalition of asset building trainers are here to assist with training and development services for the youth of our community. As part of our mission, we provide a variety of services and activities to build financial health.

Business Support

Credit and Budget Counseling

Good credit? Bad credit? Have you ever been asked your credit score, turned down for a loan, or told you don’t have “enough” credit history? Do you understand your debt-to-income ratio?

We can help you understand your credit report and assist you in beginning the journey to improving your credit score. As part of our mission, NCDF provides a variety of services and activities to build financial health for individuals and families. NCDF also has a network of partners that conduct training sessions or can meet with you regarding your unique financial situation. We are here to help you!

Partner Budget Tools