Business Planning Tools

Nimiipuu Fund provides comprehensive business resources that go beyond mere financial transactions; it's about empowering entrepreneurs to thrive. We understand that a successful business requires more than just capital—it demands strategic guidance, mentorship, and access to valuable networks. That's why our approach as lenders encompasses a holistic range of resources.

We offer tailored financial solutions, expert advice on sustainable business practices, and workshops that foster skills development. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with entrepreneurs, offering personalized support that goes the extra mile. By providing these essential resources, we don't just fund businesses; we nurture their growth, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge needed to flourish in today's competitive landscape.


Our business support doesn’t stop at access to capital

Nimiipuu Fund aims to optimize your growth potential and set you up for success. Our individualized business coaching concentrates on cash flow and profitability, ensuring that a business's sales and marketing strategies align seamlessly with its financial objectives.

Additionally, we launched Initiate to provide our clients, startups, and socially responsible lenders round-the-clock access to our online business resources. This platform offers hundreds of interactive tools, templates, videos, and guides to support your ventures effectively.