Our Vision


Empowering Our Community through Responsible Lending, Financial Education and Nation Building Events.

Nimiipuu Fund, a recognized Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), provides a range of essential services, including business counseling, financing resources, and lending support. We provide loans and services to tribal and non-tribal community members on or near the Nez Perce Reservation vicinity, spanning across Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Are you ready? Apply today and find out if you're eligible for financing through Nimiipuu Fund.

Business Lending

We strive to offer the financial assistance needed to strengthen and sustain your entrepreneurial ventures within our community. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses by offering expert guidance, financial assistance, and resources tailored to their unique needs.

Consumer Lending

Our primary focus is on educating individuals to become knowledgeable borrowers, with a strong emphasis on debt reduction within our community. We achieve this through our Personal, Employee, and Holiday Loan programs, promoting financial literacy and responsible borrowing practices.

Home Improvement Lending

Enhance your home's energy efficiency or undertake projects that boost its value using our specialized home improvement loans. We're here to support your endeavors to create a more comfortable and valuable living space.

Financial Resources

We assist you in achieving your financial objectives by providing personalized financial coaching, valuable resources, meaningful connections, and a range of classes and events. Our aim is to empower borrowers and consumers with essential knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions and navigate their financial journey successfully.

“Native CDFIs have deep knowledge of their communities. With determination and steadfast commitment, they seek creative and innovative ways to meet the capital needs of their people.”

Beth Lipson, Chief Financial Officer OFN

Classes & Events

Nimiipuu Fund is committed to the Native Community, our members and partners. We work to enhance and help individuals and businesses become financially savvy.