Native American Entrepreneurial Empowerment Workshop

August 12-13, 2021, Kamiah, Idaho

Native American Entrepreneurial Empowerment workshop by Kyle Smith and his assistant Kiah
Smith both trainers from Redwinds provide participants with skills to develop and expand their
business idea by using tools and group interaction with business model canvas. (pictured above).
Overall 21 participants attended this event to further their growing business or an idea based
business which were the first of it’s kind tribal owned THC magazine, a food truck, an antique
store that also sold food, a media sharing business, and a culture coffee shop.

Day one started with two questions; “What is stopping you?” and “What would you like to
learn?” These questions helped to narrow down where each participant stood in growing their
business. The answers to these questions vary but are common such as; funding, knowledge,
resources, legal process, time management, inventory, networking, place bound, and so forth.
Aside from that participants must know their customer “target market” and who to distribute to.
The participants were separated into two groups for their own mock business plan complete with
their value proposition, and what makes them stand out the most. This exercise went into the
second day.

Day two began with; “How well do you understand your own market?” and building a
sustainable business around your products/services. Learning about the marketing mix, research,
record keeping, and financial planning. Participants continued on their mock businesses in more
detail. The event helped to identify whether their business requires an LLC or is a sole

Participants walked away with the start of their business models and cohort of tribal
entrepreneurs. Redwinds will follow up with virtual training in September, details forthcoming.
This training is in partnership with Nimiipuu Fund and SBA’s Office of Native American
Affairs. To learn more about Redwinds you can visit To learn
more about Nimiipuu Fund upcoming events visit our event page.